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The FOSS® 6+1 integrated collaborative solution helps you to control the uncertainty of emission standards and reduce the cost of treatment for each indicator change.

ESSE's FOSS®6+1 flue gas treatment solutions include desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, utilization of waste water and solid waste, and make the flue gas emissions achieve near-zero emissions. Its additional services include water treatment, solid waste disposal and building materials production equipment and technology services. You will receive additional returns from ESSE's patented near-zero emissions technology, water treatment technology, solid waste utilization technology and green building materials production technology. That is one of the few technology in the world that can achieve environmental benefits.

Every environmental process can rely on ESSE's proven FOSS®6+1 solution from refueling to product refinement. No matter the flue gas of the boiler, sintering, coke oven, rotary kiln, industrial furnace, or waster water of smelting, power generation, chemical, calcium desulfurization, or smelting slag, power fly ash, slag, carbide slag, construction waste, etc., they are all covered in the FOSS®6+1 pollutant integrated solution. ESSE's FOSS®6+1 solution includes three main technologies, including the treatment of pollutants in flue gas, the overall packaging of industrial waste water, and the solid waste.

From the advanced flue gas purification technology of flue gas of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, dust, to the industrial waste watermixed with industrial and construction solid waste, and direct production of green recyclable light construction materials, ESSE masters the the necessary equipment and key technologies from the flue gas, waste water and solid waste organic integration for producing of building materials. ESSE can help you to solve the problem of flue gas, waste water, solid waste, and meet the most stringent environmental standards, that’s near zero emissions. ESSE's FOSS®6+1 solution can help you to discharge the treated safe flue gas and achieve the green clean standard without waste water or solid waste.

ESSE has been providing more than 10 years of quality services for the thermal power, metallurgy, chemical industry till now. Nowadays, we are at the forefront of research and development in the field of integrated synergistic solutions of waste gas, waste water, solid waste. We help factories reduce the environmental pressures and uncertainties associated with the ever-changing standards of three kind of emissions, and focus on reducing the factory’s environmental management costs continuously.