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Through the integrated collaborative treatment solutions of the flue gas, waste water and solid waste, help enterprises to achieve cleaner production and reduce environmental costs.

Enterprises can benefit from the efficient, cost-effective and entire integrated collaborative solutions.

Your industry may be faced with increasing pressure: changing industrial policies, increasingly severe emission targets, ever-changing technological changes, brutal price competition and so on. FOSS® technology will provide you with integrated collaborative treatment solutions of waste gas, waste water and solid waste, and transfer your flue gas resources, waste water resources, solid waste resources into treasure, so solve your environmental problems fundamentally.


FOSS®4+1 solution

Achieve reliable zero-waste and low-cost operational targets by using near-zero comprehensive treatment solutions of flue gas.

FOSS®4+1 flue gas treatment solutions include desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal and zero discharge of desulphurized waste water. The additional operational services are bundled with water, desulfurization and denitrification, consumables, spare parts, labor and environmental testing, inspection, acceptance and other premium services. You will receive a extra return from the FOSS®4 + 1 near-zero emissions process and the fully zero-release of waste water of desulfurization and denitrification treatment technology.

The FOSS® core is a combination of forced oxide and rotary centrifugation - functional groups are excited by a small amount of strong oxidizing agent to produce centrifugal adsorption and rapid physical adsorption and chemical reactions with the compound, and eventually combine with the absorber magnesium oxide and form sulfate, nitrate and high-priced mercury ions. Above several effects achieve high removal efficiency, in order to achieve near-zero flue gas emissions. The waste water discharged from the desulfurization tower, will be filtered, evaporated, crystallized and centrifuged to form sulfate, nitrate and filter ash, and be carried to ESSE’s by-product processing plant, so as to realize zero discharge of wastewater of desulfurization and denitrification.

FOSS®4+1 Solution Core Technology Realization Process:

1, Forced oxidation: the functional groups, strong oxidants and water, the three aspects create a strong oxidizing environment in the reaction tower, so that NO is oxidized into NO2, and SO2 into to H2SO4, and Hg0 into Hg2+.

2, Absorption: the Mg (OH)2 slurry and NO2, H2SO4, HgCl2 occur chemical reactions, and then produce mixture including magnesium nitrate, magnesium sulfate and mercury sulfide.

3, Dust: the dust particles in the flue gas are adsorbed by the viscous material, and the particle size gradually becomes larger. Under the centrifugal force of the cyclone defogger, more than 99.99% of the dust particles and droplets are trapped, and the flue gas is discharged directly.

4, Slurry purification: The mixed slurry, in the bottom of the reaction tower, reacted with the flue gas. When the pH value and density meet the technical requirements, the ash was filtered and pressed through the filter system, and then the waste water of desulfurization without non-solid particles was carried into the evaporation and crystallization system.

5, Evaporation, crystallization: filtered liquid was carried into the evaporation, crystallization, and centrifugal system, when get the nitric acid, magnesium sulfate and chlorine salt, via drying, transported to the ESSE’s by-product processing plant for deep processing.