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What is the “crystal powder”?

Based on 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) R&D concept, in the realization of flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, dust and mercury removal integration as well as near zero emissions at the same time, our technology also takes full advantage of combing the coking dust, steel slag, water slag and other solid waste which have seemingly no energy from the iron, metallurgy and power generation with the magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate, construction solid waste and industrial waste organically, to above six elements form a new material, which is so called “the crystal powder”, a kind of high strength and light new green construction cementitious material, without firing process or coal.



How does the crystal powder build a new city?

The city is the center of wealth creation and the center of resource consumption; the city is the largest producer of pollution, and human beings are the biggest victims of pollution. New urbanization requires that we should build our living society for people’s most concern and protect the ecological environment, requires human and nature live in harmony, and comprehensively enhance the quality of construction, so that people can enjoy the blue sky, green land and clear water. Construction should make good use of resources, and walk the green and low-carbon sustainable road. Whereas the newly invented "crystal powder" are all reutilized from industrial flue gas desulfurization and denitrification by-products, and industrial and building solid waste, such as steel slag, iron slag, water slag, furnace slag, fly ash, construction solid waste, etc., which are all green recycling materials.

We are committed to promote the transformation and upgrading of residential construction methods based on the advantages of “crystal power” such as low-carbon, energy-saving, thermal insulation, A1-level inorganic fire, weather-resistant, safe and seismic, rapid assembly and so on. By this model, it’s easy and convenient to construct green buildings and green ecological town, and improve the development of green urbanization in China to build a new model of building productivity.