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FOSS® magnesium desulfurization process has several advantages:

(1) The dissolution rate of magnesium sulfite is 40 times higher than calcium sulfite. When the magnesium hydroxide droplets attached to the surface of magnesium sulfite, the surface of magnesium sulfate would soon dissolve into water, so that the inner magnesium hydroxide continued to participate in acid-alkali neutralization reaction. It not only improves the use of magnesium hydroxide, but also speeds up the reaction rate. When the calcium hydroxide droplets attached to the surface of calcium sulfite, because of calcium sulfite as a micro-soluble, not easily soluble in water, will hinder the further reaction of the internal calcium hydroxide, so as to reduce the utilization of the desulfurizing agent, and slows the desulfurization efficiency due to the slow reaction rate. Therefore, Calcium desulfurization often increases the ratio of liquid-gas to compensate for the defect of the reaction rate. It increased system’s resistance and need configure the booster fan, so the power consumption doubled.

(2) FOSS® magnesium desulfurization has a good adaptability of changing load as well as good stable and reliable operation. Magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate is are easy to dissolve and micro-soluble respectively. By uniform mixing with three-ring tower, through the automatic control, so that the tower can maintain the liquid running state, not easy to plug.

(3) The by-product of the process is magnesium sulfate aqueous solution, non-toxic & harmless, which can be directly discharge after the simple water treatment, can also be used for the production of heptahydrate magnesium sulfate or magnesium sulfate. But also because of the output of by-products, the overall operating costs lower than the mainstream process.

(4) The traditional calcium method with 30 years of market practice, but there are still two insurmountable problems. Firstly, the resistance of gas flue and absorption tower is too heavy and the booster fan can not overcome the pressure of the tower system, resulting in the load of the main (booster fan) wind turbine is high, so it can cause the main equipment stop working. Secondly, the internal of absorption tower and pipeline serious blockage, affecting the normal operation of the system, the operation rate of the entire system, as well as increase security risks.

(5) As the magnesium oxide as a desulfurizer itself has its own unique advantages, so the structure of the absorption tower , the size of the circulating slurry and the entire ,system, as well as the equipment power can be relatively small, so the investment cost of the entire desulfurization system can be reduced by more than 20%.