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Partner platform

For ESSE, it is most important for our customers to achieve lasting success in environmental governance. This is why we are working with some of the most promising design institutes, engineering companies and institutions interested in environmental protection to build a "partner platform" and roll out the best FOSS®4 + 1 for all sizes. Gas comprehensive management solution for members of the partner platform to share. One of the biggest benefits of the FOSS®4 + 1 solution is its zero waste, followed by ultra-low operating costs, and finally its managed operating business model can completely shift the business's environmental risks and pressures. Our partners are the best experts in the field of environmental protection, they can be based on FOSS®4 + 1 solution to provide customers with the best implementation plan, quickly for your business to provide value services.


What is the ESSE partner platform?

The ESSE Partner Platform is one of our strategic cooperation plan for design institutes, engineering companies and environmental agencies. By ESSE to provide technology package, managed operation services, design institutes, engineering companies, environmental protection agencies to use their existing channels, resources, depth to explore customer value, improve customer environmental management level, reduce environmental management costs, reduce pollution control costs, So that your business in the fierce competition come to the fore, and with ESSE industry-leading flue gas pollutant management and desulfurization wastewater treatment technology to enhance your profitability.


Partner type
Learn more about the different partner programs and determine which plan will help you achieve your business development. Our program is designed to help our partners improve their capabilities, enhance their competitive advantage and award them.

Strategic partnership
These partners combine their expertise with engineering design and construction experience to provide our customers with more complete engineering, equipment procurement and engineering services to meet their customers' needs to help customers achieve Project value (to improve the stability of the project, reduce construction costs, reduce the cost of maintenance services).

Company agent relationship
Company agents are national or global super-large partners, can provide solutions to deepen the service, and ready to provide customers with professional support team. Company agents have passed the special ESSE solution capability certification, can provide its customers with a comprehensive FOSS® 4 + 1 solution specific implementation plan.

Project partner
ESSE works with project partners to actively share FOSS® 4 + 1 experience and technology with project partners to effectively support and promote the development of a project. For the project to provide customers with the needs of products and solutions, through the leading flue gas treatment technology, high-quality managed services, to win the project customer recognition.

ESSE Suppliers
Crystal suppliers are through the crystal procurement department, quality inspection departments, legal departments, budget department, the financial sector and the supplier review team, the supplier qualification and product quality, supply reputation after a rigorous review, after the Crystal environment to provide long-term supply of gold suppliers. To integrity, integrity, high quality service attitude for the crystal environment to provide services and products suppliers, in the formal tender will be given priority to its participation.


How to join the partner platform

ESSE partner platform is a bridge between ESSE and partners, through intelligent and efficient management, for partners to provide timely certification, training, project progress and incentives such as feedback.

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