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It’s a glorious career to be committed to the health of human beings and the sustainable development of the earth.

Who are we?

As the Earth has been overwhelmed, the human’s survival environment has being getting worse.

Everyday ESSE meets the challenge: to provide the innovative three-in-one solutions of treatment of flue gas, waste water, solid waste, in order to protect our environment for millions of residents and industrial enterprises.


Our concepts

ESSE adhere to 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) technology research and design concepts, to develop the integrated green recyclable processing treatment technology of flue gas, waste water and solid waste, to significantly reduce the cost of environmental protection, at the same time, to achieve flue gas zero emissions, to make use of industrial waste with solid waste as much as possible for the recycling of green building materials production.

Our business

● Business areas: integrated treatment of flue gas, waste water and solid waste;
● ESSE business scope includes the entire value chains of flue gas, waste water and solid waste:
● Flue gas pollutant treatment solution, overall design, engineering construction
● Planning, design and construction of industrial waste water, especially the extremely tricky salt and acid, alkaline and solid waste
● Recyclable building materials product program and production equipment supply about organic combination of the solid waste such as steel slag, water slag, boiler slag, fly ash, construction waste with by-products of flue gas desulfurization and denitrification
● Operation services: managed operation of desulphurization,denitrification and dust removal; recycling of industrial waste water; urban sludge; overall outsourcing services of industrial solid waste.

Our vision: the blue ESSE, blue the sky

ESSE’s world is a "white, pure, green" world. When our technology and facilities spread all over the sky, we began to enjoy the free breathing time; our vision is a beautiful dream in our heart. When our technology and facilities appeared at home and abroad, that mean our dream come true. Wish we love the world, and try best to achieve our dream. Wish we have the courage to be the innovator for achieving the dream of the blue sky.

Our mission: blue sky, green land, clean water, better life

ESSE is committed to making a better life. We strive to make "more blue, more green, more clear" no longer a people's dreams! We strive to create value, so that employees, shareholders, customers have a better life! This is either ESSE’s goals or our pursue.

Our value:

Innovation (passionate innovation) implementation (efficient implementation) honest and integrity (honesty, trustworthiness and integrity)


Passionate innovation

Dare to challenge the authority, be courage to take responsibility; with "not the same" thinking habits, "not the same" way of doing things, to create greater value, to achieve lofty ideals.

Efficient implementation

● Focus, lead, inspire, accountability;
● The important things in the first place, focus on goals, dedication;
● task first,of duty, leading indicators, quick action;
● performance first, timely incentives, win-win sharing;
● team first, real-time feedback, always accountability.


Honesty and trustworthiness, straightforward and integrity

Honesty and frankness, suit the action to the word; straightforward and integrity, a promise that will be kept.