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FOSS®4+1 flue gas treatment comprehensive solution for power generation boiler, which can meet the near zero emission standards of SO2, NOX and dust of power plant, meanwhile achieve lower operating costs. The FOSS® 4+1 integrated solution developed by ESSE in decades of expertise in the field of flue gas treatment for power generation boiler, which can achieve near-zero flue gas emissions and achieve zero discharge of waste water of desulfurization and denitrification, can maintain 100% synchronous operating with the boiler.

Safety for any power production facilities is a noteworthy issue. FOSS®4+1 flue gas treatment solution for power generation boiler, using a unique and simple process equipment configuration and DCS automatic intelligent control, maintain timely safety management in a long term, thus avoid the safe problem of the boiler’s back-end flue gas system.

FOSS®4+1 flue gas treatment solutions for power generation boiler also provide customers with sustained economic benefits, such as reducing water and electricity consumption, reduce the impact of its power generation on the environment, reduce the sewage costs, and solve the waste water desulfurization and denitrification. The FOSS®4+1 Flue Gas Integrated Treatment System is designed to meet the most stringent national emission standards, therefore, it’s the preferred choice for thermal power customers in severely restricted areas.







The FOSS® 6+1 integrated collaborative solution helps you to control the uncertainty of emission standards and reduce the cost of treatment for each indicator change.


ESSE's FOSS®6+1 flue gas treatment solutions include desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, utilization of waste water and solid waste, and make the flue gas emissions achieve near-zero emissions. Its additional services include water treatment, solid waste disposal and building materials production equipment and technology services. You will receive additional returns from ESSE's patented near-zero emissions technology, water treatment technology, solid waste utilization technology and green building materials production technology. That is one of the few technology in the world that can achieve environmental benefits.